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Jeanne Mancini Attends White House Meeting on Health Care Legislation

Most importantly, abortion is not healthcare; March for Life has worked from that principle from day one and will continue to do so. Continue reading

March for Life Statement on Charlie Gard

As the court reconsiders this case, we hope and pray that the Judge will make the right decision. Continue reading

Profile of Jeanne Mancini in the Washington Post

“You can’t back down because of fear, or what people think, or your reputation.” Continue reading

March for Life and Other Pro-life Groups Launch Efforts to Support the U.K.’s Charlie Gard

Every life is a gift and worth fighting for, and we plan to do everything in our power to be a voice and to protect the inherent dignity of little Charlie Gard. Continue reading

MfL Statement on Senate Health Care Bill

“While we appreciate the inclusion of language to redirect federal funds away from abortion groups like Planned Parenthood, the reality is that necessary pro-life protections in this bill will be stripped by the Senate Parliamentarian, as we have now publicly … Continue reading

March for Life Leads Letter to Department of Justice

Along with pro-life allies, the March for Life sent a coalition letter to the Department of Justice and FBI regarding an investigation into Planned Parenthood. Continue reading

March for Life Statement on HHS Interim Rule

Today’s draft of the HHS Interim rule signals hope for the full reinstatement of our right to conscience protection. Continue reading